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Charge people who crop their dogs ears at home with animal cruelty

Cropping an animals ears is a cosmetic procedure that should always be done by a licensed vet under anesthesia. It should never be done in someones home as they hold their dog down and do it. With no proper equipment for sterilization or treating the wound.

It is CRUEL and very painful for the dog. Bully breeds do not show pain the way other breeds do so when someone says it did not hurt they do not understand the way a bully breed handles pain. It hurt to do that to any dog.

To hold a dog down and chop their ears off at home is animal cruelty. You are withholding vet care at that point. The dog should be seen by a vet immediately to be sure infection does not set in.

Cropping a dogs ears at home can cause infection, pain, excessive bleeding, and even death.

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