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Requesting for Otterville Superintendent to be Fired

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The Straw that Broke Camels Back

Yesterday Karla Our school secretary was fired from her position after Mrs. Oelrich felt that her and Karla could not work through their differences after it was expressed that Karla did not like Mrs. Oelrich.

Well there are many things that the parents don't like about Mrs. Oelrich and we no longer feel that we can work through our differences with her.

Before the incident with Karla just a month or so ago our school had a student that from what we have heard 2nd hand from our students expressed that he was going to shoot up the school and kill himself. The parents were never notified of the situation and had students coming home and telling them...the student was "gone" from school a couple of days and then surprisingly just returned to class and students felt very uneasy as they were forced them to be sitting beside a student that just the week before was making threats too. The parents were never notified of this serious matter.

Some of our Parent ran organizations have been intimidated, criticized, lied to, and just ran over the coals to the point that they don't want to do those positions anymore. 

The Otterville School has a teacher there that has had numerous complaints about her some very serious and Mrs. Oelrich continues to blatantly support that teacher who now has voluntarily class enrollment so low that we can't justify her salary to do the position.

Mrs. Oelrich's consistent behavior of running things based solely upon what or who she likes or doesn't like and ram-rodding her way through situations is unacceptable. The Superintendent position along with the School Board Positions are serving positions. You are there to serve your parents, students, and community. The position of Superintendent is not a position to Rule Everything position. 

Beyond the incidents mentioned above there are many more untold stories because parents feel like know matter what they do nobody is listened to other than Mrs. Oelrich and we just can't continue for things to work that way.

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