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Ottawa Township High School Needs YOUR Help!!!

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If you agree with any of the following please sign this petition.

1.       Stop the use of our Education Fund money for the litigation that a hearing officer decided was wrongful termination of a tenured teacher, use this money instead to benefit the students and bring back programs that have been terminated.

2.       If you feel that the Superintendent and the Ottawa Township Board of Education should follow the recommendation of the hearing officer and reverse this decision.

3.       If you are disgusted with the use of over $100,000 of Education Fund money being used to pay attorneys for what the hearing officer has decided was litigation that should have never been subject to discipline in the first place.

Information - Recently there are been many changes in the Ottawa Township High School district.  Building Trades and other programs have been cut due to the lack of funds.  In the last year over $100,000 has been spent on attorneys from Chicago to litigate a hearing that in the hearing officers ruling should have never even happened in the first place.  Although the hearing officer has ruled that this was a wrongful termination, it is still up to the Ottawa Township Board of Education and Superintendent Cushing to right this wrong.  Superintendent Cushing must still recommend the re-hiring of this tenured teacher and the Ottawa Township Board of Education must approve it.  Vice-President Don Harris has stated that this is only a recommendation, that the decision is still in the hands of the school board whether to agree or disagree with its findings.  REALLY – now our Board of Education is smarter than the hearing officer who heard 3 days of testimony from all parties involved.  I have read the court transcripts which are available to the public, it is my understanding that the Ottawa Board of Education used the information provided to them by then Superintendent Winchester that according to the hearing officer should have recused himself as the hearing officer due to his inability to investigate this matter objectively.  The hearing officer stated in her ruling that Winchester’s conflict in the matter was inherent due to the “no confidence” vote that had been taken and reported back to Winchester by 3 teachers.

Also, please don't let the Board of Education use the excuse that this would cause over-staffing at OTHS as this matter was brought up when the Board hired another PE teacher instead of waiting for the hearing officer's ruling.  They stated that the hiring would have no impact of whether it would re-hire the 20 year veteran tenured teacher.  It was stated that another PE teacher was needed due to the high volume of students.

Help Ottawa Township High School move forward instead of backwards, the choices of the public where heard loud and clear during the last Board of Education election - LET THEM HEAR OUR VOICE NOW!

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