Canada Government Funded Heathcare For Animals.

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Animals need Canada Provincial Healthcare. They are unable to speak and we protect there rights. Don't u think having a extra tax that goes to animal heath care makes sense.

Get some healthcare for animals that is funded by the government. Log animals with identification and stop animal cruelty.
Make vet check ups for animals mandatory so the welfare of animals is something we stand up for.

Personal story
I had a dog when I was 16 she ended up needing a surgery.This cost me $3200.00. Allot of people say this is the responsibility of the owner. Tell that to all the Americans who don't have health care on minimum wage jobs. Its not easy when u don't have much money and your heart is in the right place. The social responsibility of our people and animals should be that of our country. In school we are tough to care for every one and everything yet when it comes to animals we make laws protecting them from illegal abuse but we offer them no healthcare. Why is this.