Convince The Ottawa Hospital To Stand By Their Mission Statement

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For the past few years I have watched my partner suffer from a mystery medical condition and recently a wonderful general practitioner with the help of a telemedicine internist and a telemedicine gastroenterologist has become fairly certain that his condition is serious and requires an immediate consultation by a hematologist.

The Ottawa Hospital prides itself on "compassionate" and "patient centered" care but they are refusing to treat him.  He has become so sick that he cannot leave the house.  The effects of this physical imbalance have led to an untreatable anxiety that has kept him housebound for the past couple of years as his condition worsens with no sign of immediate help from the hematology department or from hematologists in private practice.  All of them demand to see him in person which at this moment isn't possible. 

The Ottawa Hospital advertises on their website that they offer telemedicine and we are still being refused even after an attempted intervention by his primary care physicians. 

We know that other people must have found themselves in this situation as well and we want everyone to stand together for help for all of us. 

He is only 34 years old. He doesn't deserve this.