Safety in our schools ! Age should come first , the safety of our children should be !

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On November 28 , our 12 year old son was walking to school with friends . Outside of the school , there was an altercation with a known problem child who quickly pulled out a knife and stabb my son . Thanks to his puffy winter jackect he was okay . 

The OCBSD has a zero tolerance bully or violence policy, however since the incident we have learned that if you under the age where a child can not be charge , this results in nothing . The child in question could not be charged under the new and reformed Youth Justic Act in Canada however the police officer have agreed that the child is a threat and have advised the school . 

The OCBSD has stated to us that the child’s age is one of many reasons why he has received a 5 day suspension and will be returning to the same school but with a teacher following and no recess. But does this show our kids . That it’s okay to harm someone because your underage . The school board failed to notify the parents of the school . They have not  sent a letter out to tell parents so the parents can make there own decisions on talking to there children about weapons or making there own decision about if they feel the child is safe .  Please sign and make the school board aware that this is not okay . Age does not define the child’s risk of doing it again , nor should a child’s age be in the consideration our sons safety.