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Hello, I am here today to speak about the the Ban appeal of Christiano of the Mari Server

I have been playing on this character for 4.5 years.I hit end game about 2 years maybe a year and half ago but anyways, About a year ago I had quit due to school and such, but after 3 months I had logged on to check my gear and such and bard for someone for Festia Globber, I barded and such and logged off, the next week I tried to do the same but I was given the message of being banned. Finding this out I submit a ticket and find out it has to do with an account hacking.

So about 8 months ago now, I was wrongfully banned and I was apparently banned for a serious account hacking even though I've been geared out for awhile, and only accounts I have been on WITH Permission of the owner are Aerieanne, Nakasato , Chompx3 and Shizimiru all in which helped rank stuff or help them sell things when they couldn't be at the computer. I have asked Nexon why I was banned or what hacking I was involved in, and with no explanation, I'm given the same basic outlined response. I have tried offering chats of the owners of the accounts giving me their info and feedback while I was on their accounts.

Now with more free-time again, I have come back to Mabinogi under Nakasato my elf and seeing old people that I remembered from Christiano, I say Hi and give them an explanation and they all are also questioning my ban too considering a lot of people saw where I stood in the Mari server.

Trying to regain my account or at least a explanation or details on my ban would be nice, so if you could sign and maybe ya boi can get more details with the help of friends. Thank also wrote this at 4am so if there is any typos my bad. xd

Big shouts out to the fans.

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