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We are the residents of Cooper Crescent in Otara, AUCKLAND.

Cooper Crescent is a great street to live on and raise a family.  We have one of the best dairies in New Zealand [true story], some really awesome child care centers and schools at our door step & a group of residents who all want the same thing, a great & safe place to raise our families.  We even have our own facebook page and started Otara's very first lit up Christmas street in the community to allow families who would not otherwise have the chance, to go somewhere within walking distance and enjoy the joy of the season, build community spirit and inspire pride in our community.

FB Page - https://www.facebook.com/CooperCresOtara/

Our street has monthly meetings and a continued topic of discussion is always the condition & usability of our local park.  Our residents have desired for a very long time for upgrades to be done here, and being a closely connected street, the desire to have a neutral space for resident get together's & for our kids to enjoy, our local park has not been the most ideal space that we can take pride in.  The playground has been in poor condition for some time now.   

Our Cooper Crescent residents are seeking an upgrade to Cooper Cres Park which would include:

- A BBQ area to encourage gatherings

- Extra seating

- Extra rubbish bins

- Upgraded playground and equipment taking into consideration sensory needs of children.  We would love to see adventure style. Bright colours with various skill levels catered for.  Shade would also be essential.  

- Exercise equipment spots

- Upgrade on our Bball & Volleyball areas 

With these added facilities families would spend more time locally and it would encourage unity and togetherness.  This upgrade would allow the community spirit to continue to grow further and socialization would increase between residents.  Further to this, the more visible people are in our open spaces, it discourages crime and increases more alertness among the residents. Our children will have a place to enjoy for hours instead of being stuck indoors on warm days due to simple facilities not being accessible.  We would also have a free space for residents to go and work out which has also been a regular topic of discussion.   Cooper crescent and other adjoining streets have a large number of big families with many young children & teens.  

We are asking for our local boards support in providing these much needed upgrades to an area that has been largely unused & neglected for too long.