I want to end the cruel Forced Swim Test in New Zealand.

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The Forced Swim Test is a cruel experiment, where rodents such as mice, rats and gerbils are placed in a glass cylinder filled with water. The rodents are then forced to swim around with no way of resting apart from floating, for a long period of time until they are close to drowning. The point of this experiment is to detect depression humans, as the time a rodent spends swimming for their life compared to the time they spend floating is supposed to detect common human behaviours. This test is completely invalid, as floating has been proven to be a survival instinct used to reserve energy, not a sign of depression. And even if these behaviours did mimic depression in humans, placing rodents in a high stress level situation where they are convinced they will drown isn't the way to do it. The forced swim test experiment needs to stop, and you can help make that change.