Stop with the new DRASTIC DRESS CODE !

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This is important to the student body, because the line needs to be draw somewhere on how strict the dress code is. Why are our rights as students, female and male being violated? Why it is okay for a teacher to wear what is a restriction to us as students? What is the difference between a student or staff member wearing revealing or too tight clothing? If a student cannot wear something then why can the teacher, where is the difference? Who is really distracted by the dress code student or teacher and does that aspect matter? What is probable reasoning for this new dress code? Why does our brethren school in the district Oswego High School not have all the extra revisions not including the schedule change? Are we the only school in the whole district with new policies? Where do you draw the lines of restriction when it comes to dress code? When this is the generation style of dress and all that is sold what does one do? Is the school supplying the money to students to buy new clothes? What if one does not have the money to purchase a WHOLE new wardrobe to accommodate the drastic new dress code changes? Which only changed within a 3 month window student absence due to summer vacation? Short notice if you ask the Oswego East High School Students; to not even ask nor inform, but expect an most likely unemployed high school student to transform their whole wardrobe, which cost money that is not coming out of their pocket but the parent, while the economy is down and money is an issue for most. Should parents have to pay money for new clothes when their child has an adequate amount of clothes already? The questions above are just few of many that we students at Oswego East High School having been asking, with no answer, instead a reply with the shrug of the shoulders. We have so many amendments to our school environment that are still being revised and adjusted every single day, this year due to a new schedule. With all these important changes that affect our academics, that the school claims is SO VERY IMPORTANT to them, is a new dress code really where their concerns and worries are? They cannot even get the new schedule changes, tweaks, problems, and adjustments on a consistent and accurate level. They change rules day to day, so much even our school's Dean Assistants are confused on what is okay and not okay. On top of a new schedule, they want to add a new dress code and tardy system. Oswego East High School is trying too many new systems in one year and basing it off trial and error to see if it could succeed. If you ask the student body of Oswego East these drastic and sudden changes are the REAL disruption and distraction to our education. It is causing confusing and chaos amongst the students, and staff as well, which makes it hard for us students to focus solely on our education. Which the school district and school staff claims is oh so important to them, but how they think they are protecting it with these new guidelines and systems is the ULTIMATE MISCONCEPTION! Our education is very important to us students, especially Oswego East High School's graduating senior class or 2013. Due to schedule change this year, seniors credits have been revised, so for the seniors every credit counts and may determine some seniors graduating status, so the permit of focus is DEMANDED. It is not fair that seniors and all of the student body's concentration is being tampered with and suffering because of Oswego East High School's decision to bring in three new revisions to its school all at once. These new changes are becoming harmful for any academic environment especially ours at Oswego East High School. We as the school's student body just want things to run smoother and that cannot happen with all these new changes. As students we admit that some dress codes are okay and even very necessary for school ground that is why we would like to go back to our previous years' dress code. Even some new policies are necessary but not all at once, because chaos like at Oswego East High School begins to happen and becomes a problem to all who inhabits the school. Forget about the ifs' ands' and buts’; just let us learn without confusion and interruption, nothing is a bigger distraction than when the school calls attention to it. Please help us regain some structure to our school by signing our petition to reclaim our old dress code and policies.

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