Bringing back Class trips

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First off, I do recognize how hard the faculty has been working to make Catlin have more experiential learning, but it feels like it is going over the top with super short class trips.

As a lot of you already know, an email was sent out saying, in a simpler form, that our class trip is greatly shortened, and instead, we are going to be learning about food waste, and reflecting. This is almost the same thing that happened to breakaway. The class trip is a good time to hang out with friends, spend time in nature, swim, and de-stress after a year of school. This is also an amazing time to say goodbye to friends for those many people who are leaving Catlin Gabel. For most of the class, class trips have been our favorite memories of Catlin, and I was looking forward to the 8th-grade trips all year. Class trips are something that the middle school has had for ages, and taking it away is taking away from the culture of Catlin. 

What a solution to this is having 1 week of the food waste project, because it would be a great learning opportunity for us all, and having 1 day of reflection. This would leave time for Class Trips and would make sure people do not get bored of the projects or reflections, so they stay attentive the whole time. 1 week of reflection may cause a ton of kids to not be able to focus. This would make the projects go faster, and cause everyone to be more into the reflecting and not just to get it done. 
Class trips are a super great way to hang out with friends, spend time in nature, learn about the environment and the world we live in by being in it, and overall have a great time.

In conclusion, Class trips are an important part of Catlin, my best moments have been from them. Most of us have been looking forward to these trips all year. A solution would be to have 1 week of Capstone, 1 day of reflecting, and a week of class trips. This would leave room for class trips.​

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