OSPCA should be fostering all animals! stand behind their policies and bring Rosie home!

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To make a change we need to recognize the need for change.

OSPCA  does not use fostering for dogs but they do for cats and this is the problem when there someone willing to be the foster home for an animal while they wait for their next journey in life. When an animal comes from A puppy mill or harsh living conditions I feel it inappropriate to put them in a cage when A foster home would be more appropriate. IT is very hard to take care of an animal for a week of ongoing care  as well as trying to find it’s home and realizing she came from a puppy mill!  I did my research and made sure that I was following the right protocol to make sure the remainder of the animals were saved as well but that involved me surrendering Rosie. 

OSPCA has A  policy that when you are the one that surrenders an animal you would get the first opportunity to adopt the animal you surrendered This is a policy but not utilized when there’s an animal in their care that they would like to own!  This policy must be made mandatory! 

In this case this policy was avoided And they have done nothing to rectify the situation although I have made it very clear that we are heartbroken and disturbed by the emotional turmoil we’ve had to go through for more than a month and a half. Daily messages asking how she was doing and when she would be available to adopt were sent to ospca! 

The situation became even more emotional when they said I could see her and then refused to allow me to see her when I arrived.

 I seen the other dogs online available to adopt from other SPCA units so I sent them a message requesting more information about Rosie. My heart shattered when I read the message that she had been adopted out to the vet sister! I was more than clear that I would like to adopt Rosie and as I was told their policy and it made me feel confident That I would be the first one to have the opportunity to adopt her. 

 I believe Rosie belongs with me no matter how long the fight to get her back will be!

Rosie is a hero for saving 30+ dogs but she’s going to be an even bigger hero For making things right for all people and animals that have to deal with OSPCA  in the future. 

Correcting mistakes is never easy but if you don’t correct them They are always there! 

Preventing these mistakes from ever happening again will Help provide peace of mind that these policies are in place and are made to be utilized! 

The policies that have been broken in this case are going to require other policies to be broken to bring Rosie home but I think it’s only appropriate as they made the wrong decision in avoiding their policy To accommodate the vet sister! The fact that Rosie went to the vet sister to avoid these policies needs to be rectified!