They Stripped Our Departed Loved Ones Away From Us

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They Stripped Our Departed Loved Ones Away From Us

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Started by USMWF ORG

“Out Of Sight Out Of Mind” must be the new motto of OSHA (Occupational Safety And Health Administration).

On or about August 25, 2017 after a long-standing stance moving in support of working families who have endured a loss in the workplace by publishing the names of our lost loved ones, , OSHA decided, to no longer honor the memory of our loved ones an removed the names of our fallen workers from their home page. 

Why?  As you may have heard through multiple news articles is that OSHA would like to respect the privacy of the families...

Tammy Miser lost her brother Shawn Boone, 33 in an aluminum dust explosion at Hayes Lemmerz Int. in Huntington, Indiana.  

Tammy responded with the following, "It is a bit odd that OSHA has determined to strike without the facts and knowing that the MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) has and will continue to honor and publish the names of lost miners. Publishing these names humanize the incident after all it is about worker safety and what better way to have a lesson learned than to show the full impact in has on the families and those left behind "

Danielle Dole  lost her father Sherman Lynn Holmes, 55 when he was struck by a felled tree while working at K&K Forest Products in Evart, Michigan. 

Danielle stated, "I TOTALLY disagree with removing the names!!! How can they say it's for our privacy?. Obviously they have not talked to a family member who has lost a loved one." 

We as family members DISAGREE! Families have a strong desire to ensure no one endures a loss like the one they have, there is only one way to achieve this, and that is through acknowledgment, understanding, education and unfortunately hitting the pockets of those who choose to continue to try to skirt the rules. OSHA is taking a step back and lost their compassion and purpose.  Not only has OSHA stripped our loved ones from their front page but they have also decided if there were no citations death and dismemberment no longer matters.  Maybe OSHA has forgotten why they were set in motion in the first place. 

The families who have already lost someone in the workplace have to know that they can send their sons and daughters out to work without fear of losing them also.  How can we, knowing that OSHA is putting politics before the very ones who built this nation, the working people?  

On behalf of family members all across America, we ask that you make our loved ones count again. Put all our lost workers names back on your home page!

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This petition had 572 supporters

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