1992 Serial Killer Still Running Free - Time For Justice! Come on Osceola County Sheriff!

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An amazing person taken from us. Killer is still running free and so much evidence out there. Just need someone to light a fire with Osceola Sheriffs office and get this guy in prison. Could you PLEASE share this with someone you know that could help put pressure on Osceola county sheriff (case: 92-1605, Ruth Haut). Please share Ruth with someone you know. Tell Russ Gibson enough is enough.  We want an arrest! 

Ruth Haut was kidnapped from her office in Kissimmee, taken to a Vero Beach atm and brought back to St. Cloud and stabbed to death on February 26, 1992. We need to get this monster off the streets! 

Contact Sheriff Russ Gibson and tell him you want Justice for Ruth Haut! Email: RGIB@osceola.org | Phone: (407) 348-1106