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Make school lunches better

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Dear Osceola county, 

i started this petition with the intention to encourage our district with better food. I understand it's suppose to be "healthy" in a way but sadly , it's just getting worse. I send pictures of my lunch to My mom and she was just shocked. She couldn't even Identify what was on my tray. Is it even real meat? Yes I know it's hard to make free meals for up to 4,000+ students at every school but this is just ridiculous. I've gotten expired dairy products, and from my view the lunch ladies started panicking. Half of the lunch we stay in line waiting for is going to end up in the trash. Take a guess why! What do they even season are lunch with?? Water? We want FLAVOR. Not just a sprinkle of salt and say it's too "spicy". Adding fruits and veggies to our trays makes it a "meal". Very low quality products. Please Osceola County. Try harder. 

Sincerly Diamond Meekins and the students and teachers supporting this idea 

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