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Keep our On-Street Parking– It Saves Lives!

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Peggy Choudhry
Commissioner District 1
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Joedel Zaballero, PE, PTOE
Traffic Operations Engineer at Osceola County

Don Fisher
Osceola County Manager
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Beth Anne Knight
Deputy County Manager
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Osceola County Traffic Operations and the Osceola County Department of Fire Rescue and Emergency Medical Services have proposed the elimination of on-street parking for roadways within the community of Celebration on any street that is narrower than 20 feet clear between parked cars.  This would mean that no parking would be allowed on any street in Celebration, except for Celebration Avenue, Celebration Boulevard, Waterside Drive and Campus Street.

The concern was raised by Fire Marshal / Deputy Chief Daniel "Danny" McAvoy at a recent meeting, stating that 8 foot wide fire trucks may be delayed or unable to reach a scene due to the lack of 20 feet clear street widths, and parking within 30 feet of every intersection.

Our streets--with their existing on-street parking—are standard, were approved by Osceola County, and should not be changed.

On-street parking slows vehicles--reducing vehicular and pedestrian accidents. You are 12 times more likely to die in a traffic accident than in a fire, and 167 times more likely to be injured in a traffic accident than in a fire. Our children’s safety depends upon on-street parking.

Celebration’s grid-like plan affords emergency vehicles multiple routes to vehicular and home emergencies.

The County Department of Fire Rescue and Emergency Medical Services should include the alleyways in the Emergency Management Plan and utilize the alleyways as a secondary or primary point of access as needed.

Our on-street parking is necessary for residence and our guests. Removing any parking will dramatically reduce property values and the County tax base.

Requested Action of the Leaders of Osceola County

  • Stop all efforts to remove County-approved parking from our streets
  • Provide properly-sized fire and rescue equipment to service all Celebration residents and businesses
  • Provide a detailed Emergency Management Plan that provides service to all of the residents and businesses, and includes the best physical route, equipment, and staging for fire and rescue operations for each address.

* For further information, see: "Emergency Response & Street Design - CNU Report"

1. Source: Fire-related statistics are from the US Center for Disease Control, Fire Deaths and Injuries, 2010. Traffic-related statistics are from the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2010.
Comparison of fire-related and traffic related injuries and fatalities.
Fire-related Fatalities: 2,640
Traffic-related Fatalities: 32,885
Fire-related Injuries: 13,350
Traffic-related Injuries: 2,239,000

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