Demanding Kathy Fernandez Rundle's Resignation For Failure to Uphold Justice

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We are calling for Katherine Fernandez Rundle’s resignation. Katherine Rundle, aka Killer Kathy, has been the Miami-Dade State Attorney for 27 years. In those 27 years, she has prosecuted zero police officers. Kathy Rundle also refused to prosecute four prison guards responsible for the murder of David Rainey.

David Rainey was forced under a scolding hot shower for two hours until he died in agonizing pain. Mr. Rainey was subjected to temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit and appeared to have burns all over his body with skin slipping off in some places.

Kathrine Fernandez Rundle refused to prosecute these prison guards for murder. Many witnesses claim to have seen Mr. Rainey being forced into the scolding-hot shower and burned to death by those four prison guards, yet she would not press charges. Katherine Rundle openly disregards the law and does not serve her community.

We are calling for Katherine Fernandez Rundle’s resignation!

Miami-Dade County Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) formally passed a resolution asking Rundle to step down as well. Killer Kathy has to go. Enough is enough!

We the people have the power to petition the removal of corrupt administrators from office. The community deserves an attorney who will serve justice.