Stop Japanese authority spreading highly radioactive water to non-radioactive area!!

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We want to protect Osaka Bay! Don’t spread radiation! 

On September 17th 2019, Osaka Mayor Matsui Ichiro stated that he is willing to accept the discharge of the ALPS (Advanced Liquid Processing System) processed liquid stored at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant into Osaka Bay. Osaka Prefecture is located in western Japan, more than 700 km away from Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, and is one of the regions that were unaffected by the nuclear accident in 2011.

Mayor Matsui’s Japan Innovation Party, or Nippon Ishin no Kai also supports this plan. Mayor Matsui and Japan Innovation Party entirely ignore radioactive hazard on human and environment. We are deeply concerned if they start dumping radioactive water AT ANY MOMENT.

The ALPS is said to remove various radioactive particles from coolant water of the damaged reactors. However, the ALPS is under development and the processed liquid still contains numerous radioactive particles. For example, a data shows that there are 1,621,000 becquerels of tritium, 829 becquerels of cesium-137 and 954,300 becquerels of the beta radiation PER LITRE!

Osaka Bay provides an abundant fish stocks for not only Osaka but also adjacent prefectures. Discharging the radioactive water into Osaka Bay will devastate local fish stocks and marine environment in western Japan. Consuming contaminated fish will impose critical health risks on human.

We can never let this happen, and WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT NOW!  No matter where you live, if you want to stop the authority spreading radioactive water and contaminating safe areas, please sign this petition!

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