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Osages in support of Osage Nation Employees petition to repeal ONCA 16-100.

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During the Tzi Zho session of Congress on September 27th 2016, ONCA 16-100 was enrolled by an almost unanimous vote with RJ Walker opposed.

Chief Standingbear vetoed the Act. 

On October 4, 2016 an override of Chief Standingbear’ s veto occurred.

 The Act reads as follows:

ONCA 16-100 An Act to repeal and replace the Osage Nation Work Force Pay for Performance Act with the Merit Based Employment System Act; and to establish an alternate effective date.

The Act consists of 20 sections with sub-sections. Not all Sections/Subsections are problematic, however, those that are problematic give reason for Osage Nation Employees to take this action.

The Act is a violation of the Osage Nation Constitution. It removes cultural supports that were wisely put in place to recognize our traditions and the need for our people who are employed by the Nation to participate in our cultural activities. Cultural activities are relevant to preservation of our Tribal history and distinction’s; which are as much a part of our sovereignty as our language.  The changes limit our time for bereavement and funerary preparations directly in opposition to our cultural traditions.   Limitations on our cooks from their traditional time frame for tending to preparations for Village and funerary responsibilities are in direct opposition to our Constitution.  In-lon-ska at all three villages is integral to who we are. The employee parameters for participation were also changed.

Our Osage Constitution is clear on these issues. Our Constitution states the following:


Preservation of Linguistic and Cultural Lifeways:

The Osage People have the inherent right to preserve and foster their historic linguistic and cultural lifeways.

The Osage Nation shall protect and promote the language, culture and traditional ways of the Osage People.

The ARTICLE XV1 is specific in how our Osage ways are to be manifested and preserved.

Additionally, as employees our earned PTO  hours were taken from us without remuneration or other means to compensate for loss of the time accumulated under the previous employment act.

And lastly, the act removes from the Executive Branch proper oversight of the employees under its powers enacted by this very congress causing the Congress to illegally control employment issues which are not its duty. 

Any Section or subsection inadvertently omitted which diminishes the Osage Employees benefits from the last session to the present is presumed included in this citation.

We, the undersigned OSAGES IN SUPPORT OF employees of the Osage Nation, are concerned  and Declare No Confidence in the Osage Nation Congress and urge our Congress to act now to regain our confidence by repealing ONCA 16-100 an unconstitutional Act. Failure to do so will result in an action to petition the removal for *malfeasance of office for deliberately and knowingly violating the Constitution of the Osage Nation and acting as such knowing passage of this Act exceeds their authority. This petition pertains to all Congress persons with the exception of R.J. Walker the lone Congress person to recognize ONCA 16-100 as unconstitutional.

* This legal term refers to intentionally doing something that is wrong, either legally or morally. Malfeasance is a dishonest act, an action undertaken for improper purposes, or an act that the individual knows exceeds his authority.


























































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