Striders group routine at F wing stilt

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Dear Oberoi Splendor Managing Committee,

Subject: Striders group routine at F wing stilt

Through : The CHS Manager’s office 

We have been given to understand that a resident of F wing has raised objection to the Striders’ workout routine at F stilt .

Following the verbal complaint , we have been advised by Security and the Society Office to relocate to another location in the Complex. This is a knee-jerk reaction and is not likely to solve the problem, as other residents may then object to the noise coming from near their apartments . Moving to Amphitheater area is susceptible to snake bite incidents and Football area susceptible to mosquito bites, foul smell emanating from the drain underneath it and objections from children doing their early morning football coaching.

Any decision to curb Stilt level activities has to be rational and well thought through, since that principle should be equally applicable to a large number of residents i.e senior citizens’ laughter clubs, tennis court games and other cultural activities where any resident can raise objections. This problem is also reported only by S level residents facing Garden and not the those facing the roadside, where noise levels throughout the day are much higher.

Instead we propose a sustainable and mutually respectful solution as follows:

1. Striders to continue their fitness regimen at F stilt , and as a respect to the complainant, self regulate their noise levels till at least 6 am (even Supreme Court has defined only 10 pm to 6 am as noise free timings in public spaces)
2. Impacted resident/ complainant to be made aware of this change and also be asked to respect any public space activities after 6 am.

We request Managing Committee to consider the solution holistically.

Oberoi Splendor residents