Introduce new Trains from Warangal/Kazipet Railway station to Secunderabad in Morning

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Shri Piyush Vedprakash Goyal,

Minister of Railways,

Government of India,

New Delhi.


Sub: Introduction of new Trains from Warangal/Kazipet Railway Stations to  Secunderabad/Hyderabad in view of immense need of train commuters/people who are being faced much difficulties  - Requested – Reg.

        We, the members of ‘Orugallu Train Commuters’ Association’ implore to represent the Hon’ble Minister with a hope and credence on your esteemed office capacity as Minister of Railways on behalf of people of Warangal that our problems/requests would be solved graciously. We further felt that you are only the generous and extremely efficacious minister to resolve our long unfulfilled problems since our long pending problems are not yet solved either by any of our the then public representatives or officials of SCR.      

As such, we would like to put forward the following few lines for your consideration to redress our troubles.

The Warangal city, which is the 2nd largest fast growing city in Telangana State after Hyderabad, which is commonly known as ‘Tri-Cities’ comprising of Kazipet, Hanamkonda and Warangal under the limits of Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation (GWMC). The prestigious educational institutes including National Institute of Technology (NIT), Kakatiya Medical College, Kakatiya University as well as many business establishments exist in the tri-cities.

 It is pertinent to note that the Kazipet Railway Junction and Warangal Railway Stations are not only the prominent stations but also considered as most revenue fetching Railway stations in the South Central Railway (SCR) Zone. The Kazipet Junction is prevalently known as the ‘gateway’ for South and North regions of India. Though, there are many trains running through Kazipet and Warangal railway stations, those trains which are not enough to serve the needs of people of Warangal city, and trains currently running are being heavily packed.

At present there are no direct (Sub-Urban) local trains to the Hyderabad city which is just away of 140 KMs from Warangal except a Push Pull Train i.e., (67265/ 67267) which shuttles two trips a day with a large number of all sections of people including the labourers, students, employees, merchants and businessmen who travel on a daily basis from Warangal/Kazipet to Secunderabad. Regular Commuters and office goers are facing lot of problems due to the scarcity of trains to Secunderabad during morning hours which has become a tedious task due to non-availability of trains. The said Local ( Pushpul) Train which starts at 5.15 AM from Warangal reaches Kazipet at  5-30 AM packed with heavy crowd, and passengers are forced to travel without seat up to Hyderabad.  Earlier, the Kakatiya Past Passenger was being run from Warangal but latter on it was extended up to Manuguru and now it is being reached Secunderabad, lately every day.

 It is very unfortunate to say that no major cities of Telangana have any superfast/express trains when compared to Andhra Pradesh since there are many Superfast/Express trains are being run to each and every important cities like, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Guntur, Gudur, Thirupathi, Kakinada, Machilipatnam of Andhra Pradesh from Secunderabad/Hyderabad, which are not at all useful to the passengers of Warangal/Kazipet.

 There is a feasibility for introducing new trains between 6.30 AM and 9.45 AM from Warangal/Kazipet to Secundrabad/Hyderabad Railway stations as there are less trains running during this hours which would really help passengers a lot.

 In the aforesaid reasons, it is imminent need to introduce new trains from Warangal/Kazipet to Secunderabad and return, as proposed below.


1)    A new Past Passenger train should be introduced at 6-00 AM from Warangal to Secunderabad which is only a stretch of 140 KMs.

 2)    A Superfast or Intercity Express direct train to Hyderabad from Warangal/Kazipet should be introduced at 7-00 AM to facilitate many of passengers with minimum stops.

 3)    The Nagavali Superfast Express (No.20809/Sambalpur to Nanded) and Hazur Sahib Nanded SF Express (No.20811/Visakhapatnam to Nanded) trains should be stopped at Warangal Railway station by rescheduling their time at 6-30 AM in Warangal.

 4)    The Bhagyanagar Express (No.17234) should be converted as Super Fast Train with limited halts duly rescheduling its time at 7-30 AM instead of 7-45 AM at Kazipet, which always runs by abnormal late.

5)    Push-Pull Train should be introduced from Kazipet to Hyderabad at 8-00 AM and 9-00 AM to meet the demand of the public.


 1)    Most of the passengers of Warangal/Kazipet/Hanamkonda are returning by Godavari Superfast Express in the evening, which starts from Hyderabad (Nampally) Railway Station and the General Compartments of Godavari are always packed. Moreover, half of a Compartment is being utilized for the RMS, which is also causing much inconvenience to the travelers.  As such, it is requested to add at least two General Compartments to Godavari Superfast additionally, which facilitate many of the passengers to travel.

2)    The Visaka Express runs from Secunderabad to Vizag every Wednesday (at 4.30 pm) but we request to run the Visaka Express, at least 3 days in a week from Secunderabad since, the Shatavahana Superfast express always runs with huge crowd.

 3)    An Intercity Express or Pushpull train should be scheduled at 5-30 PM from Hyderabad/Secunderabad.

 We pray the Hon’ble Minster to look into the matter personally to consider our request, and hope that the necessary decision will be taken and an announcement would be made at the earliest by the Ministry.
Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

 Members of the ‘Orugallu Train Commuters’ Association’