Please canonically release Metropolitan Jonah

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In 2012, the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church in America asked Metropolitan Jonah to step down as Primate. His Beatitude did as they asked. Despite Metropolitan Jonah's relative youth and considerable talents, the Holy Synod of the OCA made him a "retired" bishop.

Being in the OCA comes with certain limitations on Metropolitan Jonah's ministries. Within the OCA's jurisdiction, Metropolitan Jonah is restricted to attending and serving in a single OCA parish in Maryland.

Fortunately, Metropolitan Hilarion of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia frequently extends invitations to Metropolitan Jonah to serve in the ROCOR cathedral in Washington, DC, along with other ROCOR parishes.

Metropolitan Jonah has requested canonical release from the OCA to the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, so that he can continue his ministry under their jurisdiction. He would still be a retired bishop, but would have considerably greater freedom. With the blessing of the Patriarch of Moscow, ROCOR has officially requested that the OCA release Metropolitan Jonah to their jurisdiction.

The OCA has agreed to release Metropolitan Jonah to ROCOR, but only under heavy conditions. We believe it is unreasonable to hold Metropolitan Jonah back, and that the Holy Synod of the OCA should release their brother bishop to serve the Church in peace.

Please join us in requesting that the Holy Synod of the OCA grant Metropolitan Jonah's release.


Please note, this is a petition created with out the request or approval (or disaproval) of Metropolitan Jonah, we are simply a group of concerned and frustrated laity who want to see this good and holy man serve in a way that befits his gifts and abilities.

we can be contacted at or on facebook at free Metropolitan Jonah, thank you.