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Senator Hatch, buy me a respirator for my bike commute to the U. Don't ignore our air.

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If you've ever experienced any negative effects of Salt Lake City inversion please sign this petition. I currently have symptoms. (If you haven't heard of the issue, please Google it)

If you didn't know, The Salt Lake Valley, Utah has one of the worst air quality levels in the country. The CO2 in the air is disgusting and our state government ignores it and receives money from fossil fuel industries. They could spend a lot of our tax payer dollars to combat the issue, but they ignore it. Numerous studies show the air in the state leads to thousands of early deaths in Utah each year. (NOT FAKE NEWS)

I'm trying to be proactive and ride my bike as much as I can to school. I will admit I'm not perfect, sometimes I drive. But If I'm going to live in a city where my representatives don't care about my health I should at least be reimbursed for a pollution mask I feel is necessary to use in this gross air. 

Today the Air Quality at the University of Utah is 431 parts per million of CO2. Everywhere else on earth usually hovers around 405 (way too high! drive less, world!) Orrin Hatch, pay for my mask so I can go to school here and not feel bad about my health. 

If you continue to ignore the Air quality people will vote your party out of office and I will personally move to Montana, New Zealand, or Canada. I have a lot of friends in Utah. Please take this issue seriously.

The model I want is the Respro-Techno Anti Pollution mask, size medium in Red. $44.99. 

Senator Hatch, are you going to continue to make me breathe this air? Buy me a respirator so I don't have health problems later in life.

Goodnight Utah.  

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