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FEED. DONATE. PROVIDE. Help the kids in need.

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Street children are children who work or live permanently on the streets with or without their families because they have no home. Street children seem to be on every corner of our fair city. They can be found during the day in city centres, or near churches and places of worship, or even at the road. In the evening, they congregate in hidden places, out of sight like in squats or any accessible buildings, to escape intemperate weather. These children did not experience a childhood where they were assured of protection, safety, and care from adults. The product of careless parenting or some other unknown cause, these children seem to have gotten the short end of the stick in life, and it’s our job to help make their lives a little bit better in any way we can manage.

Most of the street children fill their hunger by relying on leftover food from restaurants scavenged from trash. This can be their one food that can define if they will survive or not. Not only the children do not get the nutritional requirements they need, but they are also very prone to food-borne diseases which, often, can be fatal. Everyone can help the children by doing some things that would touch their heart. An act of giving them a simple help can produce a lot of curves in their faces. The simple act of feeding these children, providing them with even just one meal for the day, is one thing that we can do to help these kids a little bit. Even one meal for one of these street children can help immensely in their daily lives, when even food is uncertain.

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