Allowing Tempos in Ville Saint-Laurent

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«Une île, une ville» / «One island, one city» They said.

So why can't Ville Saint-Laurent residents build a tempo like their neighbors in boroughs such as Cote-des-Neiges or Notre-Dame de Grace (CDN/NDG)?

Winters are harsh, if you could avoid having to remove snow from your car, wouldn't you like the option to do so? Since 2004, VSL merged with the city of Montréal.

However, residents of Montréal have the right to build a tempo during the cold winter months, why can't residents of VSL (also in Montréal, last we checked) build tempos to protect their cars from the icy snow as well?

It's time for a change!

Please sign this petition so that VSL residents have the right to build a tempo in their driveways.

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