JusticeforTeffa More charges and no Bail for Kimberly Guzman

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My cousin Stephanie Ortiz tragically lost her life a block away from her house on Friday 16th of October, due to a negligent driver. This negligent driver, Kimberly Guzman, drove into a vehicle and motorcyclist (my cousin) causing a major accident and resulted in Stephanie’s Death. Instead of doing the responsible thing and staying on the scene and calling the cops. She decided it would be “smarter” to flee the scene and avoid the entire incident. While my cousin laid there lifeless, she selfishly went home, as if nothing happened. When she was later caught by the police department, you can see from her mugshot that she lacks any amount of remorse of empathy. She was released on bail of around $700, And it’s incredibly insulting to my family, her friends and anyone who knew and loved her. I’m making this petition, because while my Family struggles with arranging my cousins funeral, this Trash of a human being is free and probably living it up. I ask you to please sign this, For the injustice that has taken place. Bikers lives aren’t disposable, she loved being on two wheels, and the negligence of a this car driver, shouldn’t be allowed. 

Here is a Link to some articles about the incident: