No Cell Phone Tower In The Vista Lakes Community

No Cell Phone Tower In The Vista Lakes Community

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John Hobble started this petition to Orlando City Council and

Please sign this petition to stop the 130 foot APC cell phone tower from being built in the Vista Lakes Community of Orlando FL.  The tower will be in the close proximity to quiet residential neighborhoods, schools and to the beautiful parks and wildlife which is enjoyed by so many people. The installation of the tower poses health risks and devaluation of real estate. The plan to build the tower on the property of hte church at the corner of Lee Vista and passaic was put into motion without the input or knowledge of nearby residents.

We are strongly opposed to the installation of the tower for the following reasons: 

1. The devaluation of real estate. In March, 2014 the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy’s survey “Neighborhood Cell Towers & Antennas—Do They Impact a Property’s Desirability?” found that an overwhelming majority of respondents (94%) reported that cell towers and antennas in a neighborhood or on a building would impact interest in a property and the price they would be willing to pay for it. Depending on proximity to the cell phone tower property values can be reduced by up to 20% for properties within 200-300 meters of the tower.

Vista Lakes  residents do not want decreased property values caused by an unnecessary cell phone tower, and we hope that the city wouldn't want the value of homes to fall substantially as such a decrease would be accompanied by a significant decline in property tax revenues. This impact would compound the loss of property value that this community has experienced over the last decade due to the bombing range located next to it.

2. A 130-foot tower is incompatible with the neighborhood aesthetics and wildlife. The antenna will be in the close proximity to the quiet residential neighborhoods, two schools ,the Vista Lakes parks and the club house which is enjoyed by so many children and adults alike. We would likely see a rise in the collapse of insect populations, the base of food for birds and bats. We have many species of animals that would be affected by the continued depletion of our conservation lands. Most notably would be deer, bats, bald eagles, cardinals, great herons, and sand cranes

Smart, educated and proactive cities are pushing back against the FCC deployment of cellular infrastructure that threaten residential neighborhoods. Many cities have implemented strict telecommunication guidelines with a minimum 1500 foot distance from schools and homes. These restrictions aim to protect us all, and can still provide the level of coverage and new technology necessary without ruining our beautiful city, rich ecosystem or health. These highly visible, highly contentious, highly disruptive commercial equipment destroys the character of our neighborhoods and schools, and are negatively impacting our natural environment.

Our community should not be sacrificed for the business growth and prosperity of wireless companies.

3.  Potential health risks to adults and pets – Cell phone towers emit low-level microwave radiation distances of at least 500 meters.

They have stated that its proposed installation will comply with FCC regulations on microwave radiation levels (The current safety standards were developed in 1993 and based on a 200+lb adult man). Studies have shown that even at low levels of this radiation (one tower), there is evidence of damage to cell tissue and DNA, and it has been linked to brain tumors, cancer, suppressed immune function, depression, miscarriage, Alzheimer’s disease, and numerous other serious illnesses.

For example, in “The Influence of Being Physically Near to a Cell Phone Transmission Mast on the Incidence of Cancer” by Horst Eger, Klaus Uwe Hagen, Birgitt Lucas, Peter Vogel, Helmut Voit (Published in Umwelt·Medizin·Gesellschaft 17,4 in 2004), the researchers found a fourfold increase in cancer rates amongst people living within 350 meters of a cell phone tower. Amongst women there was a tenfold increase.

In 2015, Morgan, Miller, Sasco and Davies published a paper in the International Journal of Oncology titled “Mobile phone radiation causes brain tumors and should be classified as a probable human carcinogen (2A)." The title says it all in this case.

In the past five years alone, about 1,800 new scientific papers have been published that show adverse health effects. Dr. George Carlo, a public health expert who coordinated the telecommunications industry’s own study, which was mandated by congress, confirms that exposure to communications radiation from wireless technology is "potentially the biggest health insult" this nation has ever seen.


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