Bring Big Time Rush for the Queen's Orientation Concert 2019

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The final event of Queen's University orientation week every year is the mystery concert, where first years can let loose, and enjoy a safe, fun, concert with the community that they will be a part of for the next 4 (maybe 5!) years. This event should be a highlight of frosh week, but in the last few years, it has been somewhat lackluster, with student interest in the concert falling. 

To solve this problem, I propose we bring in the legendary boy band Big Time Rush to play the mystery concert. They are the (extraordinarily dreamy) singers of such classic songs as the creatively titled Big Time Rush, their biggest hit Boyfriend (even featuring a verse from Snoop Dogg!), and the contemplative Halfway There

Big Time Rush would bring the Queen's community together more strongly than it ever has before, enveloping the whole incoming class with a sense of spirit and a new desire to "make it big time". 

Please sign and share this petition, so we can get the incoming class of 2023 the orientation week concert they deserve, Big Time Rush.