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Support the Students Participating in Clemson’s International Festival

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It has come to our attention that our students participating in Clemson’s International Festival have run into a number of difficulties that stem from a lack of support from the University.  Apparently the Festival organizers had expected the participating groups to a) pay for their own food expenses without remuneration, b) prepare 500 servings of food each, c) allow the University to set food prices, and then d) donate 40% of their take back to the University.  When point (b) was initially questioned by a student, she was told that 500 servings was not a suggestion; it was a requirement. 

Eventually, after a lot of hassle, the Festival organizers agreed to remunerate expenses and allow the participants to reduce the number of servings.  However, the Festival still remains an event for which the University does very little, offloads its labor onto the students, and yet advertises its diversity and into the bargain makes money.

 We, the undersigned, object both to the peremptory treatment of the students during the course of these preparations and to Clemson’s decision to take 40% of the profits.  These students, in addition to supporting the University through vast contributions to its research profile, have taken their own time to support diversity at this institution.  They deserve greater support and respect for their efforts.

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