Protest against “Der tanzende Jesuit” organized by Indien Institut, Munich

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Dear Event Organizers,

It is with the pain we are writing this petition.

It has come to our notice that a program on Bharatanatyam has been organized by Indien Institut, themed “Dancing body Dancing soul - Der tanzende Jesuit by Fr. Saju George” on 4th July 2019 in Munich ( ).

This so-called "inter-religious dance" is a deceptive case of promoting Christian evangelism by misappropriation of a Hindu art form, a clear case of Inculturation and digestion as explained by Shri. Rajiv Malhotra in his works ( ).

Bharatanatyam has roots in Hindu treatise Natyashastra - which clearly enunciates the inseparable nature of Natya and Brahman, concepts which are incompatible with Christian theology. Hence, there cannot be any inter-religious dialogue through Bharatanatyam and such an attempt can only be viewed as a sham.

We see this, as a blatant attempt to appropriate Hindu heritage, denigrate its art forms by fraudulent representation and takes advantage of its open architecture, to further proselytize the gullible by claiming sameness.

We as Hindus condemn and strongly protest against this event organized by Indien Institut Munich and request them to be sensitive to our sentiments. We would like to give benefit-of-doubt and would appeal them to cancel the event.

Bharatnatyam has remained and will always remain Hindu in nature and spirit.




Manthan Munich Team

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