Mad cool festival 2018 - reimbursement for Massive Attack cancelled show

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During Mad Cool Festival 2018 the concert of the British Band Massive Attack scheduled on day #2 of the festival (Friday the 13th) was cancelled: no official communication was released until 3:00 am, when the concert was supposed to end, causing thousands of fans waiting patiently in vain in the tent "The Loop" for the performance of the British group. 
An official communication from the Mad Cool Festival was released on July the 15th, when the organizers explained that "the band could not play at the scheduled time due to the sound interference of nearby scenarios that, due to the technical nature of the IEM monitors system (in-ear headphones) of the band itself, resulted in the concert not being able to perform". It is therefore only for negligence of the Festival Organization in applying basic measures so to avoid such interference and it is a failure to exercise appropriate ruled care and carrying out their duties by informing all attendees timely. All people who paid the ticket, either for the single day or for the full 3 day abono, must obtain a reimbursement.