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When we buy organic products, we expect that we're getting safe, natural products made with pure organic ingredients. But Organix-brand organic hair and body care products contain few or no organic ingredients -- and many of these products contain risky ingredients that shouldn't ever be used by truly organic companies. Even if you don't buy these products, this phony labeling erodes trust in all organic labels, and cheats real organic companies that take the hard steps necessary to make safe, organic products. Please sign to tell Vogue International CEO Todd Christopher, maker of the Organix brand products, to end his company's "organic" scam.

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Letter to
Organix CEO Todd Christopher
I am deeply disturbed to learn that your company’s Organix brand hair and body care products do not meet the legal requirements for organic personal care products. Consumers who buy these products are not getting what they pay for, and all of us who care about the integrity of the organic label are cheated by companies who do not play by the rules. It is especially troubling to know that many Organix products contain risky ingredients that shouldn’t be in any organic products.

Nearly two dozen other personal care products makers have agreed to meet the organic standard, either by changing their labels or increasing their use of organic ingredients. I urge you to take the same step immediately, and end your phony organic labeling.