Organise a Debate Between Theresa May and an ERG Figure

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Theresa May has agreed to debate Jeremy Corbyn on her Brexit deal.

We believe that this is a preposterous idea because neither side truly represents a large section of the electorate, due to the fact that Labour's position on the EU is unclear and numerous polls have shown very little support for Mrs May's deal.

It is essential to ensure the Prime Minister answers the real questions about her deal and to ensure that other suggestions such as a 'Canada Plus' deal or WTO terms are fairly represented and sensibly debated.

Therefore, we call on the broadcasters to include a high profile ERG figure like Jacob Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson, David Davis or Owen Paterson, who oppose the deal in a head-to-head debate with the Prime Minister. 

By doing this, the views of a large section of the nation who disagree with Mrs May's deal can be represented and a positive argument for 'Canada Plus' deal or WTO terms can be put forward.

By creating such a high profile debate, the arguments for and against as well as other options to Mrs May's deal can be put forward in order to inform the public.