The war crimes and the killings of women and children must be stopped

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Since January 2018, the Turkish government has attacked several parts of Afrin in Syria on the pretext of eradicating terrorism in the region. And by using weapons of mass destruction, chemical weapons bombard them, and these war crimes happen every day while peace and security advocates are silent.

unfortunately, a large number of women, children and civilians, and patriotic militias are killed every day. And because of the war in the region, citizens are faced with a shortage of food, medical facilities and hospitals And the way to send humanitarian aid has been closed.

According to Article  ( and 99) of the United Nations Security Council, all member countries of this Organization are responsible for maintaining international peace and security and It is also responsible for resolving disputes or conditions that threaten peace in the world, and they must provide a ceasefire and peace for both sides.

As well as under the International Convention for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, adopted on January 13, 1993 in Paris and New York, by representatives from 165 UN member states . And was implemented on April 29, 1997, and the Turkish government is also a party to the convention. Any production, storage and use of weapons of mass destruction and chemical weapons is strictly prohibited.

So all of us  signatories, from the authorities of the global organizations, Demand  Humanitarian support for Women and Children in the city of Afrin and The Turkish government must also stop the war crimes, killing women and children