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Police label themselves as legal Rowdy

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IoveIi It's the way  leaders and Muslim youths were illegally arrested by the Gulbarga police department and the way they were physically and verbally assaulted.

It further read “We demand to book the FIR and arrest all the police personnel of Gulbarga University police station, especially PSI Raghvendra and his team for illegal arrest and 3rd degree torture to PFI leaders

and other Muslim youths. Also, strict action should be taken against IGP North Eastern range Mr Alok Kumar & Gulbarga SP Mr Shashi Kumar on whose behest we believe all this happened.

Popular front leaders are those people who are struggling hard to uplift and empower the minorities, backward and poor classes of the society. These people are those who are fighting for the social justice and rights of the suppressed classes. If the responsible activists are treated in this way then how the ordinary people are treated in the police stations of our District is to be wondered as a larger question.

We Condemn the Rowdy attitude shown by the PSI Raghvendra Gulbarga University police and his team who assaulted and abused 10 Popular Front of India leaders and Muslim youths after he took them to Gulbarga University Police Station. As soon as they reached the station, these people were assaulted severely, tortured and abused in a language that is not befitting of even a rowdy sheeter let alone a Police Inspector..

These personnel took turns in beating each and every body who was detained. Popular Front President was singled out and he was assaulted badly by 4-5 officers who mercilessly beat him injuring his ribcage and face. Out of 10 people detained overall, 4 people were badly hurt and Mohammed Khaja Mohsin who is the President of Popular Front of India Gulbarga District suffered severe critical injuries and admitted in Government hospital for injury all over the body with broken nose and broken ribs. Another young activist Naseeruddin suffered bleeding in his eyes after he was kicked with a boot in his leg.

After beating him mercilessly and abusing him on accounts of his religion and community and calling him names like Terrorist naxalite and Pakistani etc.  They threatened Md Mohisn and others of killing them in encounter (the PSI Claimed “we are Legal Rowdys we can kill you off and no one will find your body)”. PSI Raghvendra also threatened that if you get any word outside about what happened here in police station at the least you will be implicated in murder cases or terror cases and put in jail for years to come.  He said if you say anything to anyone or try to file any case then you will suffer dire consequences that you have never seen. We are well connected in the bureaucracy we will do whatever we want

All our members were release later that day, 4 of the 10 suffered severe injuries with marks all over the body, these wounds may heal over time but the verbal assaults the name-calling as terrorist naxalit and Pakistani may however haunt them for years. They have suffered intense mental trauma and shock. Does being a Social worker from Minority community working for upliftment of poor in the legal framework nonetheless make them a terrorist? They asked.

We ask only this much that why were a respected Muslim organisation and Muslim youth  were beaten so badly like rowdy sheeters and were hurled abusive languages and used derogatory comments on the Muslim community? What was there crime that they were threatened with false cases and will be killed in fake encounter? They were labelled as terrorist and naxals.

We wish to express that we still have hope in the Law of the Land and our administration that, these police personnel who assaulted these leaders should be booked and arrested immediately.  If the department doesn’t acts and take strict action against those names in the complaint we shall wage a huge agitation in the District.”  

I request you all to sigh this petition so that we can bring this ill treatment against Dalits and Muslims.

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