Remove Artificial Dyes from Oreo cookies, Gaga fans at RISK

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Processed junk food, energy drinks, and pre-workout powders commonly include artificial dyes. Lady Gaga recently thru her weight behind marketing this harmful scourge to consumers by debuting "chromatica" cookies by Oreo that contain Red 40, Yellow 5, and Blue 1 (in the cream and baked into the cookie).

These additives pose a myriad risks to consumers. Known carcinogens, benzedine and 4-aminobiphenyl, have been detected in Yellow 5 and 6. Junk food makers are cashing in on this gimmick while Americans are plagued by ADHD, obesity, and chronic illness. Lady Gaga does not need to mislead her fans into a food safety trap. Given her cred as a Mental Health Advocate, and her mom's position as a UN Ambassador for Mental Health, because of the work of the Born This Way Foundation, they should know better than to peddle petroleum-based artificial dyes.

We plead with her to support food safe alternatives like beetroot powder for Red and Spirulina extract for Blue. Please Lady Gaga, Rid Artificial Dyes from your cookies and urge Oreo to reform their Product line for good!!