Petition for OSU to create a class for International students that meets SVEP requirements

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ICE has made it so “Nonimmigrant F-1 and M-1 students” can be deported based on the classes they are taking. This means that if students are taking classes that are not in person, they may be subject to deportation. This can be severely detrimental to students, as being deported can hinder a student’s educational progress and mental wellbeing. Amidst a pandemic, the notion that people are not supposed to travel outside the US, but are subject to be kicked out based on the status of their classes does not make sense. Oregon State University must recognize this injustice and commit to justice for their students.

OSU prides itself on diversity and inclusion, so this petition proposes that Oregon State University creates a class that meets SEVP requirements for students to remain in the United States. This class should be set to meet in person, while simultaneously not requiring attendance.

Our school needs to understand and recognize the importance of our international and immigrant students, and they need to create an environment where these students can prosper and thrive.

Please sign the petition to get justice for our students! OSU is a community, and the wellbeing of our students should be maintained.