Do Something About Minor Rapists/Sexual Abusers

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I am a victim of rape. I was 14 years old when my 15 year old boyfriend at the time sexual abused me. I pressed charges after a few months when it happened. The Oregon (Specifically Forest Grove & Hillsboro) police department told me they couldn’t do much for me because he was also a minor. Eventually, they decided to do a case against him & his “punishment” was 2 years of therapy & probation for me to have a lifetime of trauma. He has violated his probation not once but TWICE on failed drug tests. The punishment for violating his probation was they gave him was one single night in detention. They have help him more than they helped me. His probation officer said that he is earning straight A’s and doesn’t want to impact his education because of this mistake. They have offered him so much help for school and I had ZERO help. Not to mention he also pleaded guilty in court.

Only adult rapists are sentenced and punished. The victims are of all ages. I would still suffer the same trauma as if an adult raped me. I would just get more justice. RAPE IS RAPE. no matter the age of the rapist. if the age of the victim doesn’t matter, then neither should the age of the rapist. A minor rapist is still as worthless as an adult rapist. I have friends and acquaintances have their teenage boyfriend or girlfriend or just a teenage friend violate their bodies & think it’s fine and laugh it off like typical teenage behavior. It isn’t funny nor is it right. Help me at least put him on the Sex Offender Registry. It is not justice for him to get away with a serious crime and go on with his life. Take a few minutes of your time to sign this petition and help me and other girls, women, boys, & men with minor abusers get justice.