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Pass a Statewide Earned Sick Time Policy for All Oregonians

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Right now, 48% of Oregonians private-sector workers don't earn a single day of sick time, so they're working sick and unable to care for sick family members without losing needed pay. And it affects all of us.

Truth is, we all get sick, but not all of us have time to recover – and it affects all of us. A shocking 48% of private-sector workers in Oregon and 80% of low-wage workers nationally have no paid sick days from their job – not one. But there’s a simple solution: allow workers to earn paid sick time while they work. When they do, everybody benefits. Here’s how:

1. Earned sick days will improve public health in Oregon.
Workers who can’t earn sick days are heavily concentrated in jobs that require a high level of interaction with the public — the people who serve and prepare our food, look after our children and care for the elderly. When those workers feel compelled to come to work sick, it’s not just their health that’s at risk — it’s all of us.

2. Earned sick days will protect the economic security of Oregon families.
For too many Oregon families, taking a child to the doctor or staying home with the flu means losing pay - or even your job. Just a few paid sick days a year can provide working families a much-needed measure of economic security, especially in these tough economic times. No one should have to choose between their job and their family’s health.

3. Earned sick days are smart for Oregon business.
By allowing employees to earn paid sick time, employers increase productivity and save money in the long run. Employees who come to work sick are less productive and recover more slowly. They’re also likely to spread illness to co-workers, which reduces productivity and increases absenteeism. Earned sick days also help retain good employees and keep turnover costs low.

4. Earned sick days will make our healthcare system more efficient and effective.
Earning sick days allows working families to get regular preventive care and early treatment for illnesses. People who can’t earn sick days are more likely to depend on emergency room services, driving up costs for all of us. They’re also less likely to receive the kind of preventive care that keeps people healthy, lessens the risk of chronic illness, and keeps healthcare costs down for all of us over the long term.


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