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State Citizens Dividends Check from state lands economic activities

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 State Citizens have become disconnected from the understanding of what their state rights mean to them and that reason being why they need to stand up and retain those rights from Federal takeover of their states lands  do to the lack of economic participation in those state lands economic activities .

 So to better understand how this can be managed better and give the state citizens a Bigger voice in their rights over their state lands management and economic activities and the proceeds from that , they need to be compensated in royalty dividends like Alaskan  citizens do , see here ,


TELL ALL THE CITIZENS TO SIGN THE PETITIONS BELOW because the FEDS are about to GIVE AWAY all the 150 Trillion of USA Minerals to Foreign Nations for a DEBT we the People did not agree too for over 30 YEARS of our GOVERNMENT APPEASING THE REST OF THE WORLD SO THEY WOULD KEEP USING THE DOLLAR !!!!!!!!!

This is what its all about ,

Let me ask you if you would have been told the USA would accumulate 18 trillion in debt and 200 trillion in unfunded liabilities because of the last 30 years of unfair trade policies which allowed a trade partner to manipulate its currency in a fashion that created that SOUND ROSS PEROT said we would hear that only de-industrialized the USA that led to these loses in durable wealth creation and the conversion of any debt to an equity position , would you have agreed to that kind of trade policy ? ,

 If we do not attempted to do this then Federal takeover and collusion with International Interests will take away the freedoms and any economic benefits that today the state citizens have at their disposal , like using the dividend for a Healthcare Savings account  .  See these examples ,

The Clintons: is the Oregon standoff really about uranium? by Jon Rappoport

This article says that Malheur County may be the BIGGEST Uranium Deposit in the USA !!!!!!!

FEDS want 13 million acres taken away from private sector operations in the Western States
This is the Clintons Russian Counterpart that is Taking ALL USA Uranium !!!!!!!!

Why does the BLM allow Special “mineral leasing and exploration” on federal lands declared to be “wilderness areas” or Monument Areas ??????
Why is Uranium One Corporation so interested in Hilary Clinton , Sheriff Ward , the Bundy Occupation , the 2nd Amendment , Calling on the FEDS to do DRONE STRIKES of the Bundy Occupiers ON THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE ???????

The Feds are trying to take over lands in 15 western states for the SEZ Operations so I say we the people deserve a royalty for any economic activity coming off states lands like Alaskans get !!!!! These SEZ sites should have first formally been asked for by the federal Government through the process of Article 4 Section 3 Clause 2 and the states cession of said location be made with Just Compensation to the state , and or the state agree on its own to allow SEZ into their state with just compensation to the state and management being done by state policy and activity .

The time is NOW for this petition . Thanks you for your willingness to participate in this opportunity to preserve state rights and freedom of Individual Liberty for all !!!!

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