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Save the Western Meadowlark as the State Bird of Oregon

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Currently Senate Resolution 0018 hopes to change the Oregon State bird from the western meadowlark to the osprey. The western meadowlark exemplifies many characteristics of Oregon State, which includes: living year round in Oregon’s beautiful meadows and prairies and exemplifying a beautiful song. The Senate Resolution hopes to change this bird to an osprey, a bird that only lives in the state for breeding season and migration. The state bird should remain a western meadowlark, not only as it lives in the state all year round, but also by being a state bird it will allow for the plight of the western meadowlark to remain at the forefront for conservation efforts. Currently much of the Meadowlarks habitat is in severe danger with urbanization and climate change. By replacing the state bird the important attention needed to help save the meadowlark’s habitat will be pushed aside. The changing of Oregon State’s bird is opposed by eight chapters of Audubon society, as well as other groups.

I will always remember the first time I had the opportunity to see a Western Meadowlark during an ornithology field trip my senior year of high school at Malheur. I was fortunate enough to hear the Western Meadowlark sing its beautiful song on top of a tall piece of grass. For me in that moment it made sense that the Western Meadowlark was Oregon States bird as it exemplified the serene beauty of Oregon State.

            Besides signing this petition I urge you to contact your state house representative and senator and tell them why you would like to keep the Western Meadowlark as Oregon’s state bird. You can find your house/senate rep through this website:

            If we can flood the house with phone calls, emails and letters we can help save the Western Meadowlark as the state bird.

            Further news articles can be found here:

And information about the Western Meadowlark can also be found here as well:

Information regarding the bill and meeting material and exhibits can also be found here:


Thank you for your time and let’s save the Western Meadowlark!

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