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In a state that claims they are "pro-animal" welfare.

Governor Kitzhaber was endorsed by The HSUS. when he ran for Governorship.

We understand he's been overwhelmed by the budget deficit,

We're asking he follow through on his claim of pro-animal welfare.

The antiquated laws allowing dog chaining are an embarrassment to any responsible pet owner residing in our state!

And must be changed to promote "responsible" pet ownership for the citizens of Oregon.

Letter to
county Josephine County
Oregon State Senate
Oregon State House
and 8 others
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives
Governor John Kitzhaber
State Representative Dennis Richardson
State Senator Herman Baertschiger
State Senator Jeff Kruse
Representative Pete DeFazio
Oregon Governor
A large group of citizens support introduction of new legislation regarding dog tethering.

The current law is antiquated and not benefitting to a state which "claims" they're "pro-animal" welfare.

Dogs forced to live 24/7 on a chain with minimal shelter, excercise or time off their chain. Is the epitome of abuse and neglect! The fact that this state allows it and even endorses this barbaric practice, proves Oregon is NOT "pro-animal welfare"...
You should be ashamed of yourselves there is nothing "pro-animal" welfare in the current law!

"Old fasioned" ideas about pet care in today's standards is unacceptable and an embarrassment to any responsible pet owner!
Most tethered dogs are unsocialized and end up becoming aggressive. Combining this with their instinct to defend their territory, by nature dogs prefer to "flee", but having their movement restricted by a chain, they may feel there is no option than to bite in self defense. Dogs need daily excercise and mental stimulation, they are NOT inanimate objects and shouldn't be treated as such.

By allowing this antiquated law, promotes irresponsible pet ownership and unneccesary dog aggression.
It also, promotes your irresponsiblity to your constiuants. By not promoting responsible pet ownership and keeping humans and dog safe from uncaring pet owners.

Please stand up for those who can't speak for themselves, and ban this "archaic" practice, and promote responsibility throughout your state. If our state and county legislature think this "illiterate practice" is acceptable. Then it's time we clean our state's house from "backwoods" mentality leadership and replace them with compassionate "forward" thinking leaders!

Thank you!

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