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Reform Oregon's Recreational Marijuana Laws to protect rural citizens and legal growers.

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We Believe that legalized marijuana should be more stringently regulated to provide for a legal market for legal growers and a clean and safe environment for rural citizens of Oregon.  Regulation reform including the following six principles will result in the sustainable incorporation of legalized cannabis in Oregon.

1)  Equilibrate licensed production with legal demand.  Current legal demand supports only 6.4% of potential licensed production.

  • Present situation is a violation of the Rohrabacher–Farr amendment due to illegal diversion and results in risk of Federal crackdown
  • Present situation is bringing criminal activity into rural Oregon on a massive scale

2)  Protect our Children. Keep marijuana facilities far away from schools and ban billboard advertising.  We used to tell them, "Just say no to drugs" now we hit them with billboards to become a user.

  • Have we learned nothing of the risks to children from the big tobacco industry? 

3)  Require outer perimeter and inner perimeter fencing at all marijuana facilities.  OLCC is currently issuing licenses at unfenced properties in rural neighborhoods right next to residences raising young children! 

  • Fencing reduces criminal trespass through neighboring properties and keeps children safe

4)  Keep Oregon Green.  Require growers to have sustainable irrigation sources (no trucking allowed) before licenses are issued.

  • Marijuana is a crop notorious for its excessive water use (up to 10 gallons per mature plant per day!)
  • Trucking water increases traffic and greenhouse gas production and is a severe impact to rural neighborhood infrastructures 

5)  Reduce the Negative Impact of marijuana production and processing on Rural Residents.  Develop State-wide rules to stop olfactory pollution, traffic and safety concerns associated with this industry.

  • With a complete lack of regulations living next to a marijuana production or processing facility severely reduces quality of life and property value
  • Failure to control the negative impact will result in an onslaught of RICO claims and lawsuits for loss of property value

6)  Establish a neighborhood review process at the start of an application for a production or processing facility.  This is a protocol for alcohol related businesses right now, why not for this industry as well?

  • Some locations are simply not appropriate for these businesses and a forum for community input must be created. 


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