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Right now, the Oregon Health Evidence Review Commission (HERC) is considering Guideline 12 - a revised policy provision that severely restricts access to cancer treatments for patients with less than two years to live. This would give a government-appointed board power over medical decisions rather than patients, their families and their doctors.

The HERC would replace cancer treatments with "pallative care" only. Patients would be given medicines to treat their pain and reduce suffering, but would not fight the advancing cancer. In other words, if a patient on the Oregon Health Plan were to be diagnosed with cancer and given less than two years to live, they would not be given a chance to fight and recover.

Sign this petition today to stand with fellow patients. Tell the HERC that we will not allow the state to make life and death decisions. Medical decisions should be judged on outcomes, not dollars and cents.

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HERC Value-based Benefits Subcommittee Irene Croswell
HERC Value-based Benefits Subcommittee Lisa Dodson, MD
HERC Value-based Benefits Subcommittee Mark Gibson
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HERC Value-based Benefits Subcommittee Laura Ocker
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Medical Director, Health Evidence Review Commission Ariel K. Smits, MD MPH
Stand up for patients and vote against Oregon's revised policy that will deny coverage of potentially life-saving cancer treatments to patients who are deemed to have 24 months or less to live. Limiting access to cancer treatment disrupts the doctor/patient relationship and gives the state decision makers the power to decide whether a patient lives or dies.

Cancer patients should have the ability to make informed decisions with their healthcare provider about their treatments. Why should the government deny patients the right to have that opportunity?

No doctor, even a specialist, knows how long a person has to live. The state certainly is not qualified to determine if someone lives or dies. Think of the mothers, fathers, sons and daughters who will never be given the chance for extra days, months and years to spend with their families. With this policy, Oregon has established an arbitrary timeline for a person's life and has taken away the hope of a miracle.

The hearing for this policy is on Thursday, August 8th, and yet there was less than a week notice to acknowledge this meeting to the public. People's lives are at stake and those affected are being kept in the dark. Clearly the state knows it is making decisions that are not in the best interest of the public.

Make the right choice... keep important medical decisions between patients, their families and doctors, where they belong, not in the hands of state officials.

Please vote against Guideline 12: Treatment of Cancer Near the End of Life and protect the rights of sick Oregonians.

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