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Stop equine slaughter from coming to oregon

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A horse slaughter house will be very damaging to the county of Umatilla.  
    The jobs it brings are few and minimum wage (about 50 or 60 jobs), and your county will spend much more money on social services to these workers than they will bring in, not to mention the improvements to your wastewater treatment that will be needed...that the slaughter company will not pay for.
    The slaughter house will greatly reduce everyone's property values, and other areas that have had horse slaughter houses have been almost bankrupted trying to force the slaughter house to follow sewage treatment and enrinomental laws.    
     In addition,  every area that has had a slaughter house has had a huge crime increase....rapes, murders, car thefts...not to mention theft of livestock.                         In California, theft of horses fell 34 % when they outlawed horse slaughter.     The people of Oregon and Umatilla do not want to increase violent crime in their communities, and the people of Herminston would not want blood of slaughtered animals backing up in their bathtubs as it did in Kaufman, Texas when the slaughter house forced huge amounts of blood into the sewers..  
   Governor Kitzhaber's office declined to give email conact information for his office but informed us that people wishing to express their opinions can do so at the following url:


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