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Allow more refugees into United States.

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We are a group of 5th graders at Bonny Slope Elementary School. As part of our 5th grade exhibition project, we created this petition to allow more refugees into United States.

Imagine you were cooking at your home in Syria when a bomb suddenly hits your neighbor's house. You go outside and find out that there are soldiers on your street telling everybody to pack their possessions and leave. A mother with 3 kids ignores the man and continues her daily life. The man gets annoyed, takes out his gun, shoots all 4 people in that family. The soldier tells everyone that if they oppose him, they will also be shot.

These horrible people represent ISIS. A militaristic Jihadist group whose goal is to build a totalitarian Islamic caliphate.They pull people by the hair, pull people out out of there homes and shoot them just because they own a banned book. They make people live by a certain religious rules.

What would you do in this situation? Decide to escape of course. You quickly pack a few sets one suitcase and run out your back door. You keep running till you reach a crossroad. Which road would you pick? The train station, airport or boat docks?

Without a visa, you can only walk or take an illegal boat out of your country. Getting asylum in another country is a long and difficult process. But the war is here now! You need to leave now!

Refugees face innumerable struggles. Most refugees flee their country because of war, violence or danger. If the war was long, child refugees could have possibly have fallen behind in school. Another problem refugees face is that they do not know enough English to communicate with others making it hard to make friends. “One of the hardest challenges I faced was to leave behind everything I had,” Elma Lunak said. Lots of refugees have to leave behind everything. Can you imagine leaving behind your house, toys, clothes, friends and family? Most of the refugees end up missing their homeland. Sometimes refugees wear different clothes than the native population and get stereotyped.

Stereotypes influence people's perspectives on refugees. An example of this is the paris attack in November 13th 2015, influenced some people say no to Syrian refugees. Many say “it's not safe with Syrian refugees here.”

Steve Jobs was adopted from Syria. Albert Einstein the greatest scientist in the world was a refugee. Also famous government people like Madeline Albright and Henry Kissinger were refugees too. Sergey Brin the co founder of Google, Alec Issigonis the guy who designed the Mini car, Enrico Fermi worked with Einstein on the atom bomb these people were all refugees. Where would our country be without all these wonderful minds? Would we have lost WWI? Refugees can help us with our work and contribute to our society.

Right now there are lots of refugees trying to enter the US. But why? This is because of the Syrian war. Since 1960 the Al Assad family led Syria. Bashar Al Assad is the king right now. Things were not going well in Syria people didn’t have jobs, money or food. The people blamed it on Assad's acts. When the Arab spring started in Egypt the people of Syria were inspired to bring Assad down. Bashar Al Assad thought differently. He thought he was an great king and the people of Syria were bad, so he started a terrible civil war. While the rebels were fighting Assad's army, ISIS seized the opportunity to enter the chaos with the goal to build a totalitarian islamic caliphate. This war became very brutal because the ISIS and Assad were executing, torturing, using chemical weapons and launching deadly attacks on the citizens of Syria.

⅓ of the Syrian population had to move within Syria while 4,000,000 have fled to find a new home. The neighboring countries around Syria are being kind to the refugees by taking in a most of the Syrian refugees. The Arab states of the Persian gulf are being extremely unkind by rejecting all Syrian refugees. The UNHCR (United Nations High Commission of Refugees) was not prepared to handle the onslaught of refugees. There were more refugees than people in Oregon.

Life was terrible in refugee camps so they decided to try to find a better life by seeking asylum Europe. Europe did not welcome refugees either. This put a lot of pressure on Greece which was already having financial troubles. Refugees stayed on the Greek tourist islands. A dead boy from Syria was found lying face down dead. This spurred Europe into action. Germany accepted 800,000 refugees. Thats 174,000 more than Europe accepted in 2014. The government is scared of cultural dilution. People think there will be an islamic country in 2 years because of high birth rates. Muslims might be or become terrorists. Many think refugees will be the reasons the social systems collapse. The facts tell a different story. If Europe were to accept all 4.3 million refugees. The muslim population would raise from 4% to 5%. Birthrates in Europe are low so many fear refugees will take over the native population in a few years. Although birth rates are high they drop and adjust as the standard of living and level of education rises. Syria’s birth rate before the war was not very high, the population was actually dropping. Many refugees that become immigrants are well educated, conscientious and empathetic.

Think about it this way. For history to remember us kindly we must help the refugees. Let's do this together as a united world. We would like to petition the governor to allow more refugees into Oregon.


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