Oregon DOC: Remove Obstacles to Communication for Prison Families

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StreetRoots article about Oregon prison CenturyLink switch

Thanks so much for signing our petition to Oregon Dept. of Corrections on behalf of prisoners & prison families. We passed 500 signatures today! This article was just published in StreetRoots, a Portland paper, about the problems with the CenturyLink switch. They included some of our complaints, as well as this disturbing detail: "an unknown number of Oregon prisoners and the recipients of their calls are being automatically enrolled in a massive data-collection program that extracts and digitizes their voices into unique biometric signatures, known as voice prints."  Thanks again for your support, and please share the article and petition with interested people and groups. Prisons are able to do what they do because there is very little oversight or public accountability. This petition is both a way to ask for specific changes, and a way to increase exposure and awareness of how prisons operate and what prison families have to go through to stay connected. Your sharing helps gives a voice to the voiceless. Thank you!

Emma Arbogast
2 years ago