Parents Want Choice to OPT-IN!

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Parents' Rights In Education
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Parents, concerned about the emotional and well-being of their children have been left out of this decision making process. Many have strong values which are not respected by these Standards. 

Parents want real equity in the process. Many are blindsided when they learn their children have been taught ideologies and information they deem inappropriate. This is wrong and biased against these families.

We petition the US Department of Education, to provide an OPT-IN requirement, not OPT-OUT for courses pertaining to controversial and sensitive materials, programs, and curriculum used in the health curriculum.

Opt-Out puts parents on the defense.  Often, even with a request on file, students are exposed to assemblies, outside speakers, and curriculum from which their parents have requested an exemption.

The default has to be OPT-OUT, giving parents choice and peace of mind knowing their children will not be exposed to medically inaccurate, unhealthy and age inappropriate teaching without their knowledge or consent. OPT-IN protects the school and board members from unnecessary law suits if a student is mistakenly exposed to such curriculum. It is a Win/Win for both schools and parents.

Attention to this matter will not go without appreciation and support of our communities, providing real equity for all parents, and students.  

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