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These students are not informed of their legal right of “exemption laws. Student should be informed in person of this law, by their teachers and counselors.

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Carrie Thomas is the Executive Director of “Student United for Community Action” (SUCA). SUCA is a grassroots community organization created, led, and run by students with disabilities. SUCA provides a safe space for young people to empower themselves and work on educational and social justice issues to establish positive systemic change through grassroots community organizing. Carrie has over 4 years of experience working with the public, first volunteering at age 29, joining the higher learning core at 30, and transitioning to the CEO at 34.

Carrie has taken on a leadership role in her community and in the larger movement for education and social justice. She personally knows what is like to struggle in college and not be informed of her legal rights, let’s all come together and be a loud voice that we are not going to take this anymore. We will not be silent, we will be heard. Join me and go were the silent is and say something. The most common way people give up power is by thinking they don’t have any.

I am writing to inform you of the importance of the welfare of student’s education rights. Currently the state of disability education students rights are being delayed and denied. There is a lot of students dropping out of college because of failed classes, due to a math disability ( dyscalculia) or other subjects. These students are not informed of their legal right of “exemption laws”. They should be offered the “course of substitution”  to satisfy the requirement to obtain a college degree.

I am here to tell you this is a ticking time bomb that must be exposed to all students disabled or not. We are unknowingly being told lies at the disabilities student services on campus. Are precious resources is obtaining a college degree, however the procedural safeguard of the college itself is lacking and being trampled on by the people that serve us at the college we attended.
We must stop higher education from putting profits ahead of students. Join me in challenging the public officials who contribute to these terror attacks on your education. Let’s stay informed, get involved and be active about education reform.

What to do if you have been diagnosed or think you have math disability (dyscalculia) in relation to the US school systems…File a 504 plan with your high school or contact your college’s disabilities center and provide doctors documentation (typically a dr’s note will do, or pursue further and take the DSM-5 psychological evaluation test that comes in handy!). Students who have an undocumented learning disability can seek services within the community such as Vocational Rehabilitation in which the your college can make a referral.

Be aggressive but civil, because, they will want to put you off and only offer feeble “accommodations”. Below is more information for the student to read about this condition;

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carrie thomas needs your help with “Oregon Colleges: These students are not informed of their legal right of “exemption laws. Student should be informed in person of this law, by their teachers and counselors.”. Join carrie and 1 supporter today.