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Resignation of Micheal Martin TD

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For too long have the Mount St Elite dictated to us!
A cadre of ideological radicals are directing our party to the place where it is no different from the rest of the left!

Micheal Martin and his cronies are disloyal to the party roots.
We are a party of farmers, small business owners, mothers, fathers, teachers, guards, factory workers and retired community voluteers. We are proud of where we come from and who we must are.

We are not another left wing party. We are not labour lite, nor PBP for ordinary people, nor are we Fine Gael for the poor. We don't read the Irish Times. We don't care what South Dublin thinks. We are disinterested in the RTE/IT/Sindo/Newstalk liberal group think bubble.

We are prolife. We are not radicals. We are ordinary people and we love Fianna Fail. We are tired of being told what we can and can't say of being directed what is an acceptable belief and what is unacceptable. 

We have been betrayed by our leader. He is a nice man, but he has no moral backbone. His 'evolution of views' is led by dodgy Irish Times opinion polls and the media. He is just doing what he is being told to do by the Mount Street Elite. He won't stand for anything so he falls for everything. 

We are not going to let this county have an abortion referendum with not a single political party or single party leader giving leadership and voice to the millions of us who are pro-life. We might be shy about our views. We might not talk up at work or make or views known at the club. We don't like to be arguing about highfalutin stuff. We think we should be focusing on paying bills, creating jobs and making the place better for our children. But now that you've pushed us, we're tired of the bullying. We might be intimidated by the media brainwashing all around us, but we know that many if not most of our friends think just like us. We have had enough. Somebody has to stand up and represent the 1 in 2 (you and me) who don't agree with the narrow elitist worldview of the D4 ideologues and their media puppets.
This is ordinary people taking Fianna Fail back.

This is ordinary people saying enough is enough. There are plenty of left wing parties out there. Everybody in the media is pro abortion. Fine Gael are well just that, Fine Gael. We are about more than self interest. 

Give us our party back. Let ordinary people have their say.

Michael Martin does not represent us. It's time for somebody new, somebody with the courage to represent the millions of ordinary pro life people in our country. 

Give Fianna Fail back!

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